Back on Tract

I was once a victim of this worldly change. I envied my Facebook friends whenever they post their holiday pictures or updates on their successful life. Reports about crimes in my city get on my nerves too. As if, I want to bring back the death penalty to give justice to the poor ones. Lastly, my unhealthy work-life balance made me feel like there was no hope at all. My life seemed to be monotonous and boring.


Become like an Ant

It's a tiny creature yet we can see them everywhere. We see them marching in a straight line and at times, we break it for fun and curiosity! But did you know that ants walking in a straight line has something to do with obedience and leadership? They march in line because they are following their leader for food hunting They might appear as tiny beings but there's a hidden beauty behind their looks. Here's why



The expression of love we show is very remarkable. Our emotions gets stronger and stronger until we reach the high level of perfection. Perfection leads to addiction: Addiction leads to dissatisfaction. And this is where the crisis starts. We know the definition of love but there's still unsolved puzzle that we have to figure out. And we need to start all over again. Will a perfect love endure forever? Or will it pierce our hearts furthermore?